More objections raised on HIF1 planning application

East Hendred Parish Council has made a new and wide ranging objection to the HIF1 River Thames Crossing planning application. Its well researched case against makes very interesting reading and supports objections made by ORAA members that the scheme is a costly gamble that will not solve congestion issues and will wreck the county council’s own climate plans.

If you are considering objecting, it’s not too late. East Hendred’s response was submitted to Oxfordshire County Council on 6th June. It can be read in full here.

The parish, which lies 2 miles to the west of the planned start of the HIF1 project, first objected in March this year. It has since taken advice from a Transport Planner, formerly at Halcrows, Consultant Engineers, and Barton Willmore, Planning Consultants, with experience of modelling the London Docklands DLR River Thames Crossing to Lewisham & Parish Councillor, and made a second objection.

The objection adds to parish council objections, including those from Appleford on Thames, Clifton Hampden and Burcot, Culham, Nuneham Courtenay and Sutton Courtenay.

Hopefully you will have seen our poster boards in various local villages opposing the HIF1 scheme.

If you have not objected to HIF1 and want to, use the Take Action section on ORAA’s website. Follow the Object to Planning Application R3.0138/21 link or email your objection to quoting the application number.

Thank you for your support.

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